5 Ways to Entertain Your Kids on a Long-Haul Flight

When the monotonous or screeching sound of a crying child fills the compact space of a plane, the hearts of weary passengers sink simultaneously. They are not alone. While many assume that Mum and Dad have long learnt to deal with the grating noise, this is not always true. To keep your kids entertained and tear-free on a long-haul flight, you don’t need a magical spell or potion. Below you will find five ways to distract, educate and prepare your children for the skies above!


Whether you’re young or old, getting comfy on a long-haul flight can be quite challenging. Kids are certainly creatures of habit and even something as simple as bringing their favourite blanket can make a real difference to your child’s comfort levels.
Another important thing to consider is the impact of turbulence/air pressure. It is often the most frightening aspect of air travel but it can be prevented by ensuring that your child has something to safely suck/chew on as soon as the plane changes altitude.


Whenever you’re heading through customs, you’ll always find a long line of people in a mad rush to finish that last ounce of water before handing in their carry-on luggage for inspection. Sure, there are complimentary glasses of water on board but when you’ve got a thirsty (and grumpy) kid sitting next to you, time is of the essence. Whether it’s that sacred bottle of Mt Franklin or your child’s favourite feel-good snack, sustenance is a vital tool when entertaining kids during a long-haul flight.

Play Time

No matter how imaginative or attentive a parent you may be, there’s always a time or place when you need a hand. From Dora the Explorer to The Wiggles, the entertainment (or virtual babysitter) options available today are endless. Add in an iPad to watch it on, a stack of colouring books and there’s never been a better time to be a kid! Games or activities that engage their brain are particularly useful – not only will they keep your child busy, but they’ll tire them out as well. Tired kids equal sleep and that’s especially entertaining for Mum and Dad!


Face wipes, hand sanitiser, tissues, nappies, band-aids, extra dummies, tooth brush, tooth paste and a change of clothes – a list of supplies this long seems a bit excessive but trust us, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Anything can happen on a long-haul flight and when you’re thousands of feet above land, you don’t want to be caught short.

Embrace the Experience!

Air travel certainly isn’t for everyone but children feed off your energy levels. If you’re anxious or irritable, they will be too. Try and stay relaxed and be sure to remain engaged with your child. If they’re old enough, talk to them about the trip, the excitement involved with travelling and the fun you will have when you arrive at your destination. Put simply – embrace the experience!

Long haul flights don’t need to be a nightmare. With the tips provided above, you’ll be in an ideal position to entertain your kids, as well as enhance the experience of every passenger onboard! To book in your next family holiday, have a look at our wide variety of packages here or contact a Holiday Expert today!