Airport Tips: How to Live Luxuriously on Borrowed Time

Travel is magic. You wake up in your own bed, and by sunset you could be sipping cocktails at a bar in Port Douglas or soaking up the blissful vibes at a Balinese spa. It’s the ultimate escape from the everyday—so, naturally, the last thing you think about when planning your next getaway is downtime at the airport. As much as we’d all like access to a teleporter, for now we’ll have to settle for frequent flyer points and long layovers. Luckily for you, we’ve got the goods on how to flip those airport in-between times from listless to luxurious!


Before You Leave

If there’s one thing you can do to make airport travel more bearable, it’s to perfect your carry-on game. Once your main luggage has been checked it’s usually off-limits until you reach your final destination, so think carefully about what you need to keep with you. Aside from the obvious, like travel documents and cash, think about the little things that’ll keep you sane. Cleansing wipes and a toothbrush are a must, as is a change of clothes (handy if your baggage decides to part ways). Electronic gadgets (plus chargers), steamy holiday reads, and earplugs/eye masks are good additions. Just remember to keep it light so you don’t have too much to lug around while you’re browsing the airport boutiques.


At the Airport

  • Timing is everything. Triple-check your check-in and boarding times (the standard varies between airports), then set an alarm on your phone so you can forget about schedules and de-stress, if only for a little while.
  • Queuing is overrated. Avoid lines with kids or large groups, where there’s bound to be mix-ups or difficulties, and instead opt to follow the ‘suits’. Or ditch the queues altogether and relax with a coffee until the last call.
  • Make the most of your downtime to shop, dine, or explore. Buy into the feel-good buzz and excitement to get a jump-start on holiday mode! Also keep in mind that, while airline food has improved over the last decade or so, it’s still fairly limited. Post-security is the best time to stock up on necessities to curb any mid-air cravings, so indulge while you can. Just be careful with the cocktails—the thinner air in-cabin may have you feeling the effects sooner than usual.


On Arrival

Take the opportunity to pop into a bathroom and erase some of the in-flight hours (this is what you packed those wipes and toothbrush for!). Trust us, it’ll make all the difference to your mood. Smile and make eye contact with airport officials and immigration to speed up the process. Make a good first impression to start your holiday on the right foot, and you’ll be sitting back with a margarita in no time!


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