The Annual Leave Hacker:

Turn 13 Annual Leave Days into 6 Whole Holidays!


It’s almost the end of year! You know what that means….Christmas cheer, too many events (and Champagne), and getting in early to secure your annual leave before your teammates do! Lucky for you, we at My Holiday Centre have the perfect answer to turn your annual leave days into exciting holidays! No more will you succumb to the couch and Netflix after losing your internal battle of wanderlust and inability to plan! Stick with this foolproof guide and you’ll be filling your Insta-feed with enviable pics just like ‘Becky with the good hair’.

January 2020: Fiji

  • Holiday length: 5 days
  • Annual leave used: 2 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Fiji

Escaping to Fiji in January is ideal as travellers can experience one of the warmest months without getting lost in a crowd of tourists. Temperatures are predicted to reach 30-degrees during this low season, allowing for ultimate relaxation in tropical paradise. Located less than 4-hours away via plane, visitors can lay poolside at some of the world’s best resorts and stroll along immaculate white beaches. For those who are more adventurous, Fiji’s crystal-clear ocean waters or coral barrier reefs are excellent for snorkelling, diving and kayaking. Fiji is the perfect destination for families, friends, honeymooners and singles who have a strong sense of wanderlust!

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Thursday 23 January (annual leave)

Friday 24 January (annual leave)

Saturday 25 January (weekend)

Sunday 26 January (weekend)

Monday 27 January (public holiday: Australia Day)

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April 2020: Maldives

  • Holiday length: 7 days
  • Annual leave used: 3 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Maldives

April blesses the Maldives with spectacular sunshine, giving travellers a bronzed glow during the day and cooler nights to lay under the stars. Temperatures are predicted to range from 31-degrees, to 27-degrees at night, so packing a stylish summer wardrobe is a must. The Maldives are a magnificent location for those who need a break from their fast-paced lifestyles, enjoying time to unwind in luxurious resorts set on pristine, private islands. Visitors can fly, float or dive among diverse marine life in 26 separate atolls/coral reefs and participate in stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, sailing and jet-skiing. The cuisine in the Maldives is full of international flavours, providing unique dining experiences with Arabic, Sri Lankan, Indian and Oriental influences. Spend evenings dancing to resident DJs, live bands, karaoke and more. The magical Maldives has something for everyone!

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Wednesday 8 April (annual leave)

Wednesday 9 April (annual leave)

Friday 10 April (public holiday: Good Friday)

Saturday 11 April (Easter weekend)

Sunday 12 April (Easter Sunday)

Monday 13 April (public holiday: Easter Monday)

Tuesday 14 April (annual leave)

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May 2020: Hawaii

  • Holiday length: 5 days
  • Annual leave used: 2 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Hawaii

May is the perfect season for travellers to experience the best Hawaiian weather, for less. This is because most Americans are still at work or school during this time period, allowing us Aussie tourists to get our hands on some great summer deals. Hawaii is a breathtaking holiday destination filled with a variety of things to do. Each Hawaiian island is surrounded by beautiful blue waters, as well as enchanting rainforests, sky-high volcanoes and exciting city life. Suitable for friends, families and couples, Hawaii is a location for everyone to create their very own unforgettable getaway.

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Friday 1 May (annual leave)

Saturday 2 May (weekend)

Sunday 3 May (weekend)

Monday 4 May (public holiday: Labour Day)

Tuesday 5 May (annual leave)

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August 2020: Bali

  • Holiday length: 5 days
  • Annual leave used: 2 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Bali

August is the prime month to visit Bali due to dry and sunny weather, ensuring blissful holidays for all travellers. Rich in culture, the Balinese community practices Hinduism in 20,000 meaningful temples across the island. This culture extends to fashion and cuisine, providing the ultimate traditional Bali experience. Whether travellers are interested in lounging on stunning white beaches in Uluwatu, indulging in shopping and nightlife in Kuta, or retreating in the lush and peaceful highlands of Ubud, Bali is a versatile destination that will fulfil everyone’s needs.

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Wednesday 12 August (public holiday: Ekka)

Thursday 13 August (annual leave)

Friday 14 August (annual leave)

Saturday 15 August (weekend)

Sunday 16 August (weekend)

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October 2020: Vanuatu

  • Holiday length: 4 days
  • Annual leave used: 1 day
  • Holiday suggestion: Vanuatu

Vanuatu is vibrant throughout October with high temperatures of 28-degrees, making it the perfect time for travellers to relax, unwind and immerse themselves in island culture. Vanuatu is known for its incredible underwater adventures in hidden blue holes found on Efate Island, along with roaring volcanoes, lush rainforests, graceful waterfalls and more! Vanuatu’s laid-back village life welcomes every traveller with open arms, ideal for couples and families who want to trade the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a peaceful getaway.

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Monday 3 October (weekend)

Monday 4 October (weekend)

Monday 5 October (public holiday: Queens Birthday)

Monday 6 October (annual leave)

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December 2020: Dubai

  • Holiday length: 8 days
  • Annual leave used: 3 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Dubai

Dubai is a dreamy destination embodying luxury and leisure. Since Dubai can produce unbearable heat during the summertime, winter is the perfect season to enjoy all that this dazzling country has to offer with temperatures rising to a top of 26-degrees. Shopping in Dubai is iconic, ranking 2nd in the world for the highest number of retail brands which can be found within numerous opulent malls. Visitors can experience 360-degree views of Dubai at the Burj Khalifa, known as the world’s tallest building or, indulge in nightlife at bars and clubs that are specifically tailored to appeal to a range of niche interests. For families, there are many holiday options including beaches, theme parks, unique events and cultural experiences. There is no doubt Dubai is suited to every type of traveller!

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Friday 25 December (Christmas Day)

Saturday 26 December (Boxing Day)

Sunday 27 December (weekend)

Monday 28 December (Boxing Day holiday)

Tuesday 29 December (annual leave)

Wednesday 30 December (annual leave)

Thursday 31st December (annual leave)

Friday 1st January 2020 (New Year’s Day)

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So there you have it, 6 – count them with me, Fiji, Maldives, Hawaii, Bali, Vanuatu, Dubai…SIX holidays to incredible destinations ready and waiting for you in 2020. Just get that email to your boss in quick smart and call our My Holiday Centre Holiday Experts on 1300 642 642 to book, and you’ll be the one receiving those jealous texts from long lost high school friends…bliss!