Things All VIP Travellers Know

The only thing better than travel is travelling like a VIP! As much as we’d all like to be flying first class and staying in top of the range accommodation, settling for economy doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. No matter what type of holiday you are planning, whether it be shopping until you drop in Hawaii, sipping on cocktails by the resort pool in the Maldives or pampering yourself at the day spa in Bali, with these exclusive VIP travel tips, you can transform your getaway from less to luxury. We’ve got some tips on how to pack, fly and holiday like a true VIP and once you’ve had the full treatment you won’t want to go back!


When you’re dressed like a star, you’re more likely to feel and be treated like one. Why not make the effort to get a bit more glammed up on your next vacation? Leave your thongs, Hawaiian shirts and strappy sundresses at home and substitute them for some smart shoes, classy evening wear and, of course, a pair of your most fancy sunglasses.


Start your holiday as you mean to go on. Airports can present super stressful and frantic experiences but you can remove yourself from this environment by thinking ahead and booking yourself into an airport lounge. Here you will be offered drinks, reading material and a comfortable place to relax pre-flight.

Upgrade your trip! If you’re a member of any rewards schemes, check this before you book and you may find that you’ve got what it takes to be treated like a VIP. If not and you’re newlyweds going on special trip like a honeymoon, why not mention that to staff on the day—if there is space available and they’re feeling generous, you may get lucky!

Waiting in long lines and fighting for overhead luggage space is far from VIP. Arrange for priority boarding and allocated seating so that you can pass the mass of travellers, get your luggage stored away first and sit in a seat where you feel most comfortable and will only need to worry about enjoying the airline experience and the glass of champagne you will be sipping on.


When you step off the plane at your holiday destination, forget trying to find a taxi like every other person at the airport. Arrange for a car to be waiting to escort you to wherever you need to be and have more time to spend enjoying all the sights, attractions, restaurant and bars that the location has to offer.

Feel like a true VIP by way of association. Do a little bit of research before your trip and find out where the exclusive celebrity hangouts are so you can rub shoulders with the stars and enjoy a bit of A-lister action.


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Post by Charlotte Hird

Charlotte is a Gold Coast based writer with a passion for travel. Her mind is always on the beach, sun and her next holiday destination!