Tips to Make Travel a Breeze

The best part of travel is undoubtedly in-the-moment, when you’ve got your toes in the sand or your feet strapped into sturdy boots, with new skies above you and a thousand different horizons to seek. You leave the comfort of home to find adventure and you’re almost guaranteed to stumble along the way—could you really call it an adventure if you didn’t?! Taking that into account, there are a few ways to make the sailing as smooth as possible. That’s why the well-travelled Holiday Experts at My Holiday Centre have compiled these travel tips to help you on your way—whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-timer!


A little bit of thought and preparation beforehand can save you time and stress down the track and, depending on your outlook, it can be fun too. Lists sound boring but they don’t have to be strictly practical. Start with your destination and make a list of all the things you’d love to see or do there, with reality far from mind (forget your budget, time constraints and other pesky practicalities!). Look at your list and consider what’s important to you. Strike out the things you wrote down just because you felt you should, or because that’s what everyone does where they’re in (insert dream destination here). You’ll soon find out what you can’t bear to lose and you can build a uniquely satisfying trip from there. You can use the same technique for packing.

On a more practical note: don’t pass on travel insurance. You CAN have too many pairs of socks/underwear, but pack a few extra pairs just in case. Bring spare camera batteries and memory cards and don’t forget a scarf or sarong—the single most useful travel item, ever!


Ask the locals. How else would you find out about that out-of-the-way café that looks drab but serves the most amazing breakfast, or the very best place to catch the sunset? It helps to learn a few common phrases and be familiar with the local customs. Smile, say hello. You never know what amazing advice, stories and experiences you’re about to share in!

Be practical. Stay hydrated, keep an eye out for scams and sticky situations but don’t let fear rule your focus either.

Our number one tip? Embrace it. Be flexible and keep an open mind, because no matter how much you plan, something is bound to go wrong. Take that missed connection as an opportunity to explore, or lost baggage as an opportunity to shop! Get lost on purpose, take plenty of photos and try to keep a journal or scrapbook. Wake up early, stay out late and always laugh at yourself—you might make some new friends in the process!

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Post by Alana Eising
Alana is a writer and a wanderer who almost always wishes she were somewhere else. That’s why she writes about the fabulous places she’s been, and all the destinations left on her bucket list.