People often ask me if they need to bother with travel insurance. Believe me, after touring the world and seeing what can go wrong, travel insurance is a no-brainer and here’s the simple reason why;

Things never go exactly to plan!

Let’s face it, have you ever been able to predict that….
Your luggage would be lost, or perhaps even stolen?
Your flight would be delayed, or worse, cancelled all together?
Yourself or a family member would be faced with a medical emergency in a foreign country?

After seeing it all, and the stresses such events can cause, I cannot recommend travel insurance enough. It’s the reassurance you need to make sure that your holiday, and your future bank balance, isn’t going to be ruined if unplanned events during your travels lead to an expensive emergency bill or sudden unforeseen cost.

And my final piece of advice when it comes to travel insurance; make sure you choose a reputable provider for greater piece of mind.

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Natalie Gruzlewski