QLD | Turn 20 days of annual leave into 50 days of Summer holidays!

April 2019

  • Holiday length: 10 days
  • Annual leave used: 3 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Bali

Coming into Bali’s peak season, just before the huge crowds hit, April is an ideal time of year to travel to this land of tropical adventures. While dryer and less humid than earlier months, you’ll still be enjoying perfect temperatures of around 27°C. Like the sun, the surf parades its glory all during April. The dryer weather also means fantastic snorkeling opportunities and enchanting rainforest treks!

Friday 19 April (public holiday: Good Friday)

Saturday 20 April (weekend)

Sunday 21 April (weekend)

Monday 22 April (public holiday: Easter Monday)

Tuesday 23 April (annual leave)

Wednesday 24 April (annual leave)

Thursday 25 April (public holiday: ANZAC Day)

Friday 26 April (annual leave)

Saturday 27 April (weekend)

Sunday 28 April (weekend)

May 2019

  • Holiday length: 9 days
  • Annual leave used: 4 days
  • Holiday suggestion: TNQ

Renowned for its eternal sunshine, silky-soft sand and charming waters, Tropical North Queensland acts as a refuge for the rest of the country during Winter. Leave the mittens and beanies at home and relish temperatures of up to 27°C, with less humidity and rainfall than other months. Whether you want to experience the world’s largest coral reef first-hand or uncover World Heritage listed rainforest trails, Tropical North Queensland is the perfect Summer getaway.

Saturday 4 May (weekend)

Sunday 5 May (weekend)

Monday 6 May (public holiday: Labour Day)

Tuesday 7 May (annual leave)

Wednesday 8 May (annual leave)

Thursday 9 May (annual leave)

Friday 10 May (annual leave)

Saturday 11 May (weekend)

Sunday 12 May (weekend)

August 2019

  • Holiday length: 9 days
  • Annual leave used: 4 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Fiji

With tops of 29°C, less humidity and clearer waters, this is the best time of year to visit Fiji. Swap the Australian Winter for private bays, beach butler service, fresh coconuts, lush forests and quaint villages under the sun. Run on ‘island time’ as you sail off and around Fiji’s mainland, home to some of the most magnificent snorkeling and exciting water sports in the world!

Saturday 10 August (weekend)

Sunday 11 August (weekend)

Monday 12 August (annual leave)

Tuesday 13 August (annual leave)

Wednesday 14 August (public Holiday: Royal Queensland Show)

Thursday 15 August (annual leave)

Friday 16 August (annual leave)

Saturday 17 August (weekend)

Sunday 18 August (weekend)

October 2019

  • Holiday length: 9 days
  • Annual leave used: 4 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Hawaii

Although stunning all year round, Hawaii’s Summer runs into October and daytime temperatures average an idyllic 29°C making those turquoise waters, mesmerising volcanic treks, farmland adventures and dazzling cityscapes all the more ultimate. For the surfers, head to the south-east coast for epic swells – Waikiki is a great place to find your feet during this month!

Saturday 5 October (weekend)

Sunday 6 October (weekend)

Monday 7 October (public holiday: Queen’s Birthday)

Tuesday 8 October (annual leave)

Wednesday 9 October (annual leave)

Thursday 10 October (annual leave)

Friday 11 October (annual leave)

Saturday 12 October (weekend)

Sunday 13 October (weekend)

December 2019/January 2020

  • Holiday length: 8 days
  • Annual leave used: 3 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Maldives

It’s all uninterrupted blue skies, fresh seafood and luxurious overwater bungalows in the Maldives! The lighter winds during this period make for calmer, clearer waters – the perfect chance to get up-close-and-personal with striking coral and other exotic marine life. This stint, known as the dry season, sees an average temperature of 25°C and gifts visitors more time to enjoy the outdoors—soak up the sunshine on your own private beach or paddle board across calm turquoise lagoons. The world is your tropical oyster in the Maldives!

Wednesday 25 December (public holiday: Christmas Day)

Thursday 26 December (public holiday: Boxing Day)

Friday 27 December (annual leave)

Saturday 28 December (weekend)

Sunday 29 December (weekend)

Monday 30 December (annual leave)

Tuesday 31 December (annual leave)

Wednesday 1 January (public holiday: New Year’s Day)

January 2020

  • Holiday length: 5 days
  • Annual leave used: 2 days
  • Holiday suggestion: New Caledonia

Located just a 2.5-hour direct flight from Sydney, you can take your whole family to New Caledonia without any long-haul dramas! Warmer months in this French paradise riddled with palm-fringed beaches and turquoise waters will have you living the lagoon life in no time. Parisian delicacies and aged wine will impress the foodies while the array of festivals, museums and art galleries will have the cultural enthusiasts enthralled. Why not soak up the Pacific sun on horseback? Horse riding in New Caledonia is a truly unique way to explore. Climb mountain ranges, gallop along the beach or mount a trusty steed to learn all about the country’s bush history.

Saturday 25 January (weekend)

Sunday 26 January (weekend)

Monday 27 January (public holiday: Australia Day)

Tuesday 28 January (annual leave)

Wednesday 29 January (annual leave)

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